Wednesday, March 11, 2009

OSC too inconvenient for payment?
Have it in a more centralise locaton?
Why not?!

Ngee Ann City Fountain
13 – 14 March 2009 :- 2pm – 6pm
15 March 2009:- 12pm – 5pm
Look out for students in RP Polo Tee
*If it rains, we will just be around the sheltered area!
Just Schedule a meeting with Derek @ if you wants to purchase tickets in bulk!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

RP Inter-Faculty Graduation
Tickets on SALE NOW!
$42 for early Bird
Buy in pax of 10 to get to sit together!
How will sits be assign?
Purchase in Pax of 10:
  1. Same table no. will be assign to all 10 people
  2. The Table no. will only be made known on the actual night
  3. You can arrange the sits among yourself within that table
Else (did no purchase in pax of 10)...
  1. On the actual nnight, you will be randomly assign a table to sit to

*As you can see.
To ensure we can facilitate table assignment properly and ensure you get to enjoy the night with all your best pals tgt, BUY IN PAX OF 10!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009

U've heard about it somewhere, some how.

!!!The Inter-Faculty RP Graduation Dinner!!!

but e questions burns...
"Is it still happening?"

The answer is of course..

Den why isn't there any confirmation/publicity or even ticket sales

cos we've still some minor details not sorted out.

To ensure tt graduates TOTALLY enjoy the night they have make it to after 3 years,

we will slog it thru till ur parcitipation makes it all worthwhile!

So here goes the tentative outline:
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre
Date: 8th April
Time: 5.30pm till late

Now e most important questions in time of recession:
WAD?! $50 are u kidding me?!
mi sch's high tea is only $20+
yaya. as u say, its high tea
we are talking abt dinner here

and no worries, if you buy early, its only $42 per head
we'll make every dollar u spend worthwhile

and when's the sales starting?

we'll try to keep it fast and make sure tix sales start latest in 2 weeks time!

check back for updates again!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Faci Event Appreciation Event Photos

These bunch of Facilitators aka Teachers in RP, were extremely supportive of our small pioneer initiative to appreciate them!!!

Go! go! go! see the photos! LOL

Faci Appreciation Event

Click! Click!

This event is proudly,
Organized by: RP Student Council
In-charge: Chen Lixia

Oh ya! And of course not forgetting the touching video you saw during the event!

Those were really heart-felt comments!!!
WAH!!!!! :(

RP 6th Student Council Executive Committee

Now... before academic year 2008/2009 ends... lets make a non-importance entry for the 6th council! Lets get the ball rolling from the 6th onwards!

Republic Polytechnic 6th Student Council Executive Committee, Academic Year 2008/2009

Top 3
Goh Wen Yao as President -
Lee Hui Shan Brenda as Vice President (Administration) -
Ng Zhenhao Derek as Vice President (Operations) -

Christina Tan Si Ting as Honorary General Secretary -
Debby Theresia Tjoandi as Assistant Honorary General Secretary -
Chen Lixia as Honorary Treasurer -

Sim Yun Ci Valerie as Marketing Officer -
Ou Yang Jian Wei as Assistant Marketing Officer - (YAY! ME!)
Lim Li Hui as Assistant Marketing Officer -
Mohamed Yousof Bin Shamsul Hameed as Publication Officer -
Tan Kok Hui as Assistant Publication Officer -
Ong Tien Yin as Welfare Officer -
Tan Wen Hao as Assistant Welfare Officer -
V Balachandran Saravanan as Assistant Welfare Officer -
Foo Seck Yong Jonathan as Facilities Officer -
Sim Rong Wei as Assistant Facilities Officer -
Adalia Jillian Frances as Liaison Officer -
Jelisa Lin Mingrui as Assistant Liaison Officer -

SC Advisors
Sean Lin as Staff Advisor -
Poh Yu Seung as Staff Advisor -

Up next! The yet to arrive 7th SC EXCO... -.-!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Mr & Miss RP is born!!!

The Winners are...
Mr Republic Polytechnic - Bryant Phan Tah Yeong, SIT
Miss Republic Polytechnic - Jill Molina, STA

Both of our Mr & Miss RP are also Mr & Miss Popularity!!!
Mr & Miss Popularity is decided based on the number of online votes by RP student population.
A total of 700+ votes was accumulated for both guys and girls.

Bryant Phan Tah Yeong had gotten a total of 97+ votes, which cover 29% of the total votes of 335+.
Jill Molina had gotten a total of 99+ votes, which cover 27% of the total vote of 370+.

WOW!!! Good Luck on representing Republic Polytechnic!

I myself will like to thank Nanyang Polytechnic Student Union (NYPSU) for attending our Mr & Miss RP event.
So a big THANKS to Matthew Ong, NYPSU Assistant Social Secretary and his NYPSU gang for coming down!!! =D